Restaurant Service Style

It is important to decide the service style when starting a restaurant business. The layout, menu, inventory, food prices and décor of the restaurant are determined based on service style planned. The service style also depends on target market and location.

Let’s check out the Service style:

  1. Fast Food
    A fast-food provides the quickest service and food at the cheapest prices. The layout of most fast-food restaurants is simple. Fast-food restaurants are often franchises of a brand with many locations.  Fast-food restaurants often include a place to dine, a drive-through or walk-up windows for customers to order and pick up food. Fast-food restaurants often serve burgers, chicken, sub sandwiches, Mexican fare or ice cream.
  2. Fast Casual – These restaurants are similar to fast-food restaurants, but serve  healthier or of higher quality food. Many fast-casual restaurants serve a specialized type of food, such as Mexican, Chinese or fresh-baked fare. While a fast-food restaurant may serve fried chicken meals, a fast-casual place may serve roasted chicken, vegetables and baked bread.
  3. Fine Dining – These restaurants usually has the  most elaborate menus and expensive prices. Atmosphere of elegance and grace is created.  Reservations to dine is required. Fine-dining restaurants employ experienced chefs.   Some restaurants offer five-course meals and an expensive and expansive wine list.
  4. Casual Dining – Casual-dining restaurants offer food similar to fast-casual establishments but with a table-service dining atmosphere. Most restaurants provide a family-friendly environment. These restaurants may serve a variety of pastas, chicken dishes and simple seafood dishes. Some have highly specialized menus, but others serve a broad range of cuisine.

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Dining Etiquette at Restaurant

Dining etiquette is more than just table manners. Practice makes perfect!

Practice the rules below:

Be mindful of the proper attire – Make sure you’re dressed accordingly. If you are not sure about dressing call up the restaurant.

Wait to be seated – it’s polite to wait for your entire party to arrive before being seated.

Don’t leave your phone on the table – don’t take your phone out to text. Replying message or email can wait until dinner is over, but if it’s urgent, excuse yourself before taking out your phone.

Wait for everyone to be served before you start eating – If you have to send food back for various reasons, tell everyone else to go ahead and start eating.

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European Dining Restaurant Le Bon Vivant ~ Executive Chef


European Dining Restaurant Le Bon Vivant ~ Executive Chef

Greetings from Jakarta

Looking to hire an Executive Chef for their European Dining Restaurant Le Bon Vivant in Bali Indonesia

The Ideal Candidate should have strong experience in European Free Standing Restaurants and must be Hands On in the operation. Very Less admin to be done.

In terms of Nationality and Married Status and Salary the Owner is extremely open-minded for the right Candidate and all can be negotiated.

The Starting Date should be as soon as possible.

This is good opportunity for a chef who wants to make his name in Bali as the Culinary Scene is improving to high levels.

Everyone is interested shall send their CV to

European Dining Restaurant Le Bon Vivant
Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 156, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
p. +62 361 283 817 / +62 361 282 892

More Info :