Farewell Chef Maurice O’Flynn

in-memoriam-chefs-meeting-community-marketplace-training-coaching-malaysia-pastry-culinaryDear ALL

It is a sad day when a guy who put so much of his own time and energy into volunteering then passes away doing what he loved, telling the Chefs World in his words what is going on.

I have known Maurice for quite a long time and will miss his many emails chasing items that he could put on ChampChefs, a web paged dedicated to the chefs who compete and pass on information.

To his family – I would like on behalf of many chefs send to you a ‘Thank you’ for the time you allowed Maurice to spend on his computer working for chefs with no financial gain.  I am sure each chef around

The world who knew Maurice will take one minute silence for him.

God bless him and may he rest in peace,

Chefs as a last respect, please ensure you read his latest edition and he even managed to do the editorial .

Farewell Maurice – we will see each other again !

In Memory

Rick Stephen (E: rick_stephen@sats.com.sg)