Barbeque Essentials

To make sure your Barbeque party goes well, get the essentials ready:

Below are some ingredients that you should always have to start your Barbeque:

  1. Salts – Kosher salt is the salt for pre-grill and smoker seasonings. Flake sea salt for finishing steaks, lamb chops, and more, and smoked sea salts to add a little oomph of smoky flavour to some dishes.
  2. Essential Seasonings – Stock up smoked paprika, onion powder, granulated garlic, and freshly cracked black pepper.
  3. Store-Bought Barbeque Sauce – To save time and money, you can buy  a store-bought variety and use seasonings, fruit juice, and fruit jams to make it taste unique.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Juice – Especially when you’re making pork. You can inject vinegar or apple juice into pork before grilling to tenderize the meat, and the two are frequent ingredients in his barbeque sauces and marinades, as well.
  5. Granulated Honey – a Common ingredient in many of Cantwell’s barbeque rubs. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness to his rubs without creating a clumpy, sticky mess.

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