Lettuce varieties seem to be endless. However, there are 7 main types of lettuce, and dozens of varieties within each type, so let’s look at each type of lettuce:

  1. Looseleaf Lettuces – Looseleaf Lettuces are colourful, easy, and fast-growing lettuce varieties. The plants form open heads that allow you to harvest a few leaves at a time, or whole plants as needed.
  2. Butterhead Lettuces – They form loose, open heads of melt-in-your mouth leaves.
  3. Cos (Romaine) Lettuces – This lettuce form open, upright heads of deeply colored leaves. The leaves have stronger flavor than looseleaf varieties, and crunchy midribs.
  4. Buttercrunch Lettuces – They are crosses between butterhead (bibb) and romaine varieties. They have a more upright structure, so fewer leaves are in contact with the soil when the weather turns cold, wet and dark.
  5. Batavian Lettuces -This Lettuce is  also known as Summer Crisp Lettuces, have thick, crunchy leaves that hold better in the heat than other varieties.
  6. Chinese Lettuces  – They are stiff, strong-flavored varieties. They’re grown for their stalks as well as their leaves, and their slight bitterness is muted in stir-fries and soups.

For more info about varieties in each type of lettuce, read: Grow It Organically  

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