Chefs’ Diet Secrets

Chefs  face some unique challenges, like being around delicious food all the time. Add in a stressful job and late hours, and you have a recipe for weight gain.

Strict health regimens  are hard to maintain, and human frailty often kicks in.

How do Chefs around the world keep themselves fit when their job is to cook and taste food all the time?

Many chefs are finding ways around that, and  hope their tricks inspire you, too.

Managing Hunger
How is it possible to eat all the time and still be hungry? Most chefs say they taste small amounts of food all day long but rarely sit down to a full meal.

Eating a good breakfast — with some protein and healthy carbohydrates such as fruit — helps keep hunger at bay, making you less likely to overeat.

Watch the Wine

Drinking fine wines and liquors is also often part of a chef’s life. Alcohol does add a lot of calories to your day.

Chefs could switch between a glass of wine and a glass of sparkling water at dinner. OR  drink water from a wine glass to make it feel more special

Keep It in the Bowl
Chefs could prepare  meals into one bowl, filled with legumes, seeds, vegetables, and some lean protein (like chicken). Practicing portion control keeps excess food at bay.

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