Is there 100% Alcohol-Free Wine?

Many people cannot, or do not drink alcoholic beverages. Their reasons may be moral, personal, or health-related. The growing number of people who are unable or unwilling to consume alcohol has led to the birth of many companies and divisions that now cater to special needs, ALCOHOL-FREE WINE

Alcohol-Free Wine is processed just like regular wine in the beginning. The difference is that the wine goes through an extra stage of processing to make them non-alcoholic, while maintaining all the flavor and characteristics of the original wine. One of two processes does this. The wine undergoes either distillation, or filtration. Both of these remove the alcohol without damaging the wine itself.

However, Non-Alcoholic is not the same as Alcohol-Free.  To remove every bit of alcohol from the wine, it will be very costly.  To be classified as Non-Alcoholic , a beverage cannot contain more than ½ of 1% alcohol.

If you are not drinking wine due to moral or personal, Non-Alcoholic Wines are still NOT drinkable!! Likewise, if you are taking certain medications that will react to alcohol, this wine should not be consumed.

Fret not!! The Non-Alcoholic versions are actually every bit as good as regular wine!

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