Get to Know Types of Chefs

Chefs create great-looking meals, wear their chef coats and run around their kitchens ensuring that customers’ orders are fulfilled, their job doesn’t end there.

There are many types of chefs, with out-of-the-ordinary titles, and different functions.

Chef de Cuisine [shef duh kwee-zeen] or the Executive Chief – the one in charge of all things connected to the kitchen.
Sous Chef [soo-shef] – The Sous Chef is a type of chef which is second-in-command to the Chef de Cuisine, said to be the unsung hero for doing most of the legwork.
Pastry Chef – The Pastry Chef’s function is similar to that of the Sous Chef, except that he reigns over a smaller division which is the pastry section.
Garde Manger [gard-mahn-zhey] -he Garde Manger is responsible for the restaurant’s cold dishes, such as salads, terrines, pates, canapés and hors d’oeuvres.

Chef de Partie [shef-duh-par-tee], or the Line Cooks -The Chefs de Partie is in charge of a certain area of production, the ones who actually cook the food. They also have different titles according to their expertise:

  • Saucier Or the sauté chef.
  • Poissonnier Or the fish chef.
  • Rotisseur Or the roast chef. In charge of roasted and braised meats.
  • Grillardin Or the grill chef.
  • Friturier Or the fry chef.
  • Entremetier Or the vegetable chef.
  • Tournant –  The roundsman or the swing cook. He fills-in on the different sections, as needed.
  • Baucher – In charge of butchering meat, poultry and sometimes fish.

Commis [kaw-mee] -The Commis is another type of chef which is an entry-level position in the cooking business

Next time you encounter a Chef you can ask exactly what type of Chef de Partie he is.

Are you Eating to Feed Diseases or Eating to Keep Away Diseases?  Chefs’ Role !!

People are much more health-conscious and aware of their food choices than in past years.

Chefs  today are much more compelled to cook  for health and balanced meal while thinking about blending flavours and making  delicious meal every single time. Chefs should consider about nutrition when they are planning menu or working on meal ideas.

Every meal matters!!  Food choices control the expression of genes, which is important if one has a family history of disease.

“Your wellbeing is affected by when you eat, the type of food you eat and why mindless eating is dangerous.”

Chefs could plan nutritionally balanced meals and put healthier recipes into practice.

Healthy food can be delicious too!


Top Qualities of  Great Culinary Chefs

Competition among chefs can be ferocious especially for those eyeing for top spots in the world’s most established  restaurants. However, the top chefs have similar set of qualities that separate them from the others.

Qualities of Best Chefs :

Passion: Great Chefs enjoy the process of selecting foods, preparing meals, and creating menus. They have a tremendous passion for food and cooking

Creativity: Great Chefs are creative. Creativity inspires a food’s presentation, which is very important to the overall dining experience.

Business Sense: Great Chefs run kitchen with quality food and also cost-effective and efficient.

Attention to Detail: Cooking is a science and every ingredient and measurement has a specific role that Great Chefs must be continually aware of.

Team Player:  Great Chefs are able to assimilate well with larger food preparation team work harmoniously to ensure the timely production of quality foods.

Practice: Great Chefs never stop learning and perfecting their cooking techniques.

Multitask: Great Chefs can handle many tasks at once to ensure everything is completed at just the right moment.

Commitment to Quality: Great Chefs are committed to preparing the highest quality meal seeking finest ingredients and using the best techniques to produce best product possible.

Quick Decisions: Great Chefs  are fast thinkers and can make good decisions when problems arise to keep customers satisfied and operation is smooth

Handle Criticism:  Great Chefs can handle criticism well and they know not to take poor reviews personally.

2017 RCA Culinology Students Competition

Information brought by Siti R Ismail +60123607848

Good Morning from San Juan Puerto Rico.

I would like to share the proud moment and achievements of our students in the RCA Culinology Students Competition.

Once again Taylor’s University Team becoming the Champion & making records in 2017 RCA annual students competition! Congratulations!!!

Champion & Gold Metalist (savory category)-Team Plus Ultra

2nd place & Silver Metalist (pastry category) Team Cuatro

3rd place & Silver Metalist (savory category)- team B.A.M