Becoming A Barista

You need  to make sure you’re a good fit to be a barista so that YOU can enjoy the job and succeed at what you’re doing. The employer will enjoy you as an employee!

5 Top Attributes Required for a Coffee Shop Barista:

A People Person – being friendly and relatable. You want to engage with customers, as well as enjoy working with your team

Fast & Efficient – You’ll be hired to make drinks and keep up with orders, and the faster and more efficient service you provide, the more customers you’ll be able to serve

Customer Focused – A good barista does just that—puts customer needs first and wants to make people feel special and surpass their needs.

Clean & Attentive – Cleanliness and sanitation is very important in the food industry.

Willing to Learn & Improve -You’re willing to adapt your new job’s standards of doing things, leaving a know-it-all or superior attitude at the door.

While all the 5 Top Attributes are important to be in the industry, many employers still feel outstanding ATTITUDE is still at the top over a skilled person!!

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